About Michael McKenna West Hartford

Profile PictureMichael McKenna grew up in Western Massachusetts and now resides in West Hartford, Connecticut. Michael is the second of four children and is the only boy in the family. Michael McKenna’s parents raised him and his sisters in an Irish Catholic household and instilled values and morals into the family upbringing. At an early age, Michael was introduced to sports, and fell in love with soccer and baseball specifically. Michael played competitive sports from the age of 6 all the way through the end of his high school career. Through sports, Michael was able to cultivate a wide range of lifelong friendships.

Michael McKenna attended a private elementary school and then matriculated to Holyoke High School, a public high school. Upon his high school graduation, Michael was ranked in the Top 25 of his class and went on to attend the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

While attending University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Michael worked his way through school, holding several part time jobs. One of his jobs involved working at a liquor store off campus during his first two years in school while he lived off campus. By his junior year of school, Michael McKenna became the manager of the store and remained employed there through his graduation from UMASS in 2005.

Upon graduating from UMASS, Michael McKenna enjoyed the summer by working odd jobs in West Hartford, CT, and took a road trip to Colorado. He spent a great deal of time interviewing with several companies for a job after graduation, and found a place at Travelers Insurance as an office temp. Michael spent a year as a temp, with no guarantee of being hired on permanently, and with no health insurance. After his first year was through, Travelers Insurance hired Michael on and he was given a full-time position in the local Field Sales office where he spent the next six and a half years growing with the company.

Michael McKenna remains highly dedicated to athletics, it being such an important part of his life while he was growing up. He is a Boston Red Sox fan, and has gone to over 50 games throughout his lifetime, and has attended baseball games in four stadiums across the country. Michael enjoys watching football and basketball as well, though he ‘s not as big a fan of those sports as he is of baseball. Michael has developed more of a fandom of hockey as well, and has adopted the Boston Bruins as his favorite team. Michael is fascinated by the hockey-fight subculture and discusses the role of allowed fights in hockey as a part of the sport’s longevity in the public eye in numerous forums and discussion sights.